About Platanos Restaurant

platanos-about-usPlatanos restaurant operates since 1979 in the historic Platanos square between the centenarian plane tree of Hippocrates, the moslem Shrine Lotzias, the Italian Government and the ancient Agora. Housed in an Italian building of 1935 which was operated as officers club during the period of Italian occupation and renovated recently.

From early in the morning section of the restaurant overlooking the ancient Agora serves refreshments, coffees, cakes and snacks. On the other side, watching the plane tree of Hippocrates you can taste dishes always based on fresh ingredients, seafood, meat and vegetables from the Mediterranean and Greek creative cuisine. The kitchen is open from 12 in the noon with lunch. In the evening you can enjoy dinner, apart from the lower hall, also at our "secret balcony'' with panoramic views of the ancient Agora and the Castle of Neratzia. Dinner is served accompanied by live music. Apart from the food you can enjoy till late in the night drinks or cocktails with the known quality of Platanos restaurant.